Which Method?


TOP COURSE* These are lightweight, metal rings which are applied to your clients own hair. This method uses no glues, heat or chemicals. The rings come in a range of shades and are covered with a smooth coating which provides a comfortable cushion for hair. The rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities. Client is required to return every 4-6 weeks for maintenance. This method is great for most hair types but not recommended for those with very thin hair.

Cold Liquid Technology


  • Fast and easy application
  • Lasts 3-4 Months (however it is vital that clients come back for regular maintenance on time
  • Application from 1 to 1000 hairs at one time
  • Invisible and flat anchor
  • strand by strand
  • No damage to natural hair
  • Suitable for men and women
  • No superimpositins, apply hair extension directly to customer's hair


90% smaller than a microring, lightweight, almost undetectable metal rings are applied to your clients own hair. This method uses no glues, heat or chemicals.The teeny rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities. Great for those with thinner hair, or clients who wish to wear the hair in an updo. Not as popular as microrings but this method is becoming more sought after.
This method is great for most hair types.

Hot Fusion Bonds

A VERY POPULAR METHOD* Fusion bonding is the most widely used long-lasting method that won't damage yourclients natural hair. The resin used is Keratin based which is a natural protein that won't break the hair shaft. It is gentle to hair and easily removable, unlike many other types of adhesives which tend to be silicon based. Silicon glue is difficult to remove can damage the natural hair this is why hair extensions get a bad reputation. This method is great for most hair types but not recommended for those with very thin hair or afro hair.

3 Methods - Microrings, Nanorings & Hot Fusion Bonds (NOT IN 1 DAY)

These 3 methods are combined as they can be taught in a short space of time, however we would always recommend the Full Term course for this bundle. We would never bulk weaving or weft tracks into this combo as we feel it is almost impossible to teach those techniques to a satisfactory standard in such as short space of time, especially weaving as it is quite a complex method.

Integrated Weave

A VERY POPULAR TECHNIQUE* However each student would be required to have a short discussion with one of our trainers prior to embarking on this method. Although this method is very popular it is imperative that it is applied to correct type of hair as it has previously had links with traction alopecia due to extensionists braiding too tightly thus causing clients bald spots. Safe and versitlie taught the THETA way.

Microring Weft Track aka lA WEAVE

AN UP AND COMING TECHNIQUE* This method is becoming more and more popular and is a fantastic alternative to applying a weave. This technique combines wefts of hair with microrings ensuring excessive volume and length for your clients. Our "invisi-ring" application means that rings are not on show making this technique full, neat and flawless.

Brazilian Knots

NEW* Brazilian Knots Technique. One of the safest hair extension methods to hit the market and we are the biggest hair extension academy pioneering it! Brazilian Knots Technique, an extremley sought after method, there is a lack of qualified extensionists, earn thousands per month!

Can last a client up to 6 months - No glue, no hear, no rings, no clips, no braids - No damage.

Lace Wig

A lace wig is a special type of sheer lace wig that is designed by sewing hair to the sheer lace base. Carefully selected loose hair is then tied with hand to the sheer lace base that is why lace wigs are sometimes referred as hand-tied wigs as well. Full lace wigs have a base made entirely of lace while the more common tactic is a lace front wig which has the sheer lace only at the front where the hairline is visible. The remainder of the wig is made out of a less fragile material which is less susceptible to ripping or tearing than the lace. Full lace wigs can be pulled into a high ponytail and up-dos, as opposed to lace front wigs. Great for hiding badly damaged hair, safe and secure.

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Bonds

VERY POPULAR* Ultrasonic Fusion Technology is designed to eliminate the 2 biggest causes of damage to your clients hair. Heat and glue. It uses "cold" ultrasonic pulses to bond Italian keratin flat tips around the natural hair (The pulses are not audiable to the human ear, they are not painful or uncomfortable in any way). The bond is flat so that it will sit comfortably near your clients scalp whilst being virtually invisible and easily forgotton once wearing. This method is excellent for fine or thin hair and for people who want hair extensions to last a minimum of 6 months. Bonds can be placed much higher up the scalp as they are flat and much closer to the head than other methods. This course includes kit and cold fusion machine.This method is great for most hair types


LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PRETIPS AND SAVE APPROX £50 PER FULL HEAD FITTING. GREAT for clients who have highlights to give them a really natural (non stripy) look. GREAT for those who wear expensive hair on bonds and want it to last years. GREAT for prolonging the life of your clients hair extensions!


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